NachoFoto – Realtime Image Search Engine

A picture is worth a thousand words and when a news story is breaking that is especially true. NachoFoto is an image search engine designed to bring you the latest images from across the web on emerging trends and breaking stories.

According to their whitepaper NachoFoto searches for images based on recency, image density on a webpage, inward links, and domain authoriy. What this means for people searching on NachoFoto is that they will see new photos before older photos, will find images from sites that frequently post new quality images, and find images from websites that are family friendly.

See NachoFoto in action in the video below.

Applications for Education
NachoFoto could be a great resource for anyone that uses current events in his or her classroom. NachoFoto provides images that could help complete the picture for students after reading a story. You could also use the images to introduce a story.

Through the use of NachoFoto’s timeline slider your students can look back at images taken over the course of the development of a news story.

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