InSlices – Bookmark and Share Sections of Websites

InSlices is an online bookmarking service that allows users to bookmark an entire website or bookmark and save just a section of a website. In many ways InSlices is similar to iCyte and Memonic which I wrote about here. InSlices makes it easy to save and share sections of a website through their Firefox add-on or with their browser bookmarklet. Once you have InSlices installed in your browser, click the InSlices icon anytime to bookmark a website and cut a section of it to save and share. You can cut and bookmark as little as a sentence or as much as an entire page. Cutting and bookmarking isn’t limited to text, you can also cut and bookmark an image or video from a webpage. Watch the video below to learn more.

Inslices – Save & Share What Matters! from Slice Factory on Vimeo.

Applications for Education
InSlices could be a very good tool for students to use while conducting research on the Internet. Sometimes students bookmark sites while conducting research but when they go back to those sites they forget what it was they needed on those sites. InSlices solves that problem by letting users cut out just the part of the site they want to use later.

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