Two Cool Economics Infographics

Cool Infographics is quickly becoming one of my favorite resources for interesting visual depictions of statistics. Today on Cool Infographics there are two infographics that could be useful for teachers of economics. The first of the two is Follow the Money. Follow the Money is a video that summarizes the data collected on Where’s George? Where’s George? is a website that was established for the purpose of tracking the travels of one dollar bills. Watch the video below.

The second cool economics infographic featured today on Cool Infographics is China Widens Its Reach. China Widens Its Reach is an interactive infographic produced by Forbes. The purpose of the infographic is to allow visitors to view the investments China has made in other countries. Click on any transaction in the infographic to view the details of each investment. (The image below is a screen capture of the infographic, clicking it will take you to the real infographic on

Applications for Education
The title Follow the Money implies that the video follows one dollar bills around the country, but the video actually gets into a much deeper analysis of the data gathered by Where’s George? The video explores what the “travels” of one dollar bills represent in terms of cultural boundaries.

China Widens Its Reach could be a good resource for a global economics class. You could have each student in your class study a different transaction and try to explain why China made that particular investment.

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