Google Docs Adds Very Useful New Features

Earlier today Google announced some significant enhancements to the Google Docs suite. The enhancement that will affect the greatest number of users is the addition of real tab stops and margin setting tools. These tools should provide users greater format flexibility than was previously available in Google Docs. Google Docs has also added a new commenting and chat system that will reside in the margins of your documents.

For Google Docs users who often create images and use images in their documents, Google has created an advanced, collaborative image editor. I can see the new image editor being used by a group of students to create mind maps and other academic diagrams.

Google Docs Spreadsheets users will also soon find useful improvements to the spreadsheet editor. These improvements include a formula bar for cell editing and drag & drop columns.

These enhancements to Google Docs will be rolling out gradually so if you don’t notice changes today, just have patience. (BTW, as a Google Certified Teacher I don’t get any advanced access to these new feature and will be waiting just like everyone else for my turn to try the new features.) Watch the short video below to learn more about the new Google Docs features.

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