File Dropper – Share Big Files Quickly and Easily

File Dropper is a free and very easy way to share files up to 5GB. To use File Dropper simply upload your file and File Dropper assigns it a unique URL that you can then share with anyone. File Dropper is not nearly as feature-rich as and similar file hosting and sharing services, but it is free and upload times are fast.

Applications for Education
File Dropper is a nice alternative to sending mass emailings of large files. Instead of emailing documents to students and parents you can just direct them to a URL. This frees up space in your email application and in your recipient’s email application.

Now of course you could much of the same thing by hosting your files on Google Docs and posting them online. But I realize that not everyone is a Google Docs fan boy like me and I think that I should share some non-Google Docs ideas every once in a while.


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