Duck Duck Go – A Simplified Search Engine

Duck Duck Go is a search engine designed with clarity and simplicity in mind. One of the ways that clarity and simplicity stands out is when you enter a search term that can have multiple meanings, Duck Duck Go alerts you to that and asks you what you really want to search for. For example, if you enter the search term “duck,” Duck Duck Go will tell you that “duck” could be a noun or a verb. (see the screen capture below) Duck Duck Go also provides brief information summaries when you search for topics. This is handy if you’re not really looking for a lot of information about a topic, but are just in need of a quick synopsis of a topic.

Applications for Education
Duck Duck Go could be a good alternative to Google Search. The fact that Duck Duck Go recognizes multiple meanings of words and tries to help you clarify your search, is a selling point for use with younger students who might need help refining their Internet search terms.

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