Advice for Shy Presenters and Shy Connectors

Sacha Chua, who I’ve mentioned a few times in the past, creates some of the best slideshows you’ll find on the web. That’s not just my hyperbole, she’s been mentioned by some of the biggest blogs on the web. In fact, I think it was through Read Write Web that I initially discovered her work.
Recently she gave talk titled The Shy Presenter at Ignite Toronto. The Shy Presenter is five minutes packed with advice for shy people who want to be presenters or who have to be presenters. The video is embedded below. But if you’re really interested in this topic don’t just watch the video, read Sacha’s blog post on the topic.

Ignite Toronto 3: Sacha Chua – The Shy Presenter: An Introvert’s Guide to Speaking in Public from Ignite Toronto on Vimeo.

The Shy Connector is another of Sacha Chua’s presentations. This one offers good tips and strategies for shy people who need to make connections for work or personal reasons. I’ve gone through The Shy Connector a few times since I first saw it and have actually put some of her tips to work for myself. Again, if this is a topic of interest to you, don’t just flip through the slides, read Sacha’s blog post about The Shy Connector.

Applications for Education
At my school all seniors are required to give a fifteen minute exit presentation before graduation. As you might guess we have shy students who are very nervous about giving presentations. Those students would do well to view Sacha Chua’s presentations in preparation for presentation day.


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