What 2 Learn – Create and Play Educational Games

What 2 Learn is a website offering more than two thousand educational games for middle school and high school age students. What makes What 2 Learn particularly useful though is the capacity for teachers to create accounts in which they can monitor their students’ scores. Teachers can create custom games using twelve different templates provided by What 2 Learn. What 2 Learn is a European based website so some of the games, particularly the math games where money is expressed as Euros and Pounds, may not be appropriate for US students. Aside from that most games are appropriate for use with US students.

Applications for Education
Teachers and students can create accounts on What2Learn to track their progress as they go. The teacher account is good way to see how your students are doing. Teachers can create their own games or modify games to fit the needs of their curriculum. The games you create as a teacher can be embedded into your classroom blog or website.

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