Urtak – A Simple Online Polling Service

Urtak is a free and simple polling service that can be used on any blog or website. The polls you create can have multiple questions, but they must be “yes or no” questions. But Urtak isn’t that limited because visitors to your poll also have the option of writing in their own questions. Try it out for yourself in the poll I’ve embedded below.

Practice Poll

You can get started using Urtak in seconds by registering with your Twitter or Facebook account. You can also use your email address to create an account with Urtak. As you can see above, Urtak polls can be embedded into your blog or you can direct people to your poll by sharing the unique url Urtak assigns to your poll.

Applications for Education
Urtak could be a useful tool for quickly collecting informal feedback from students.
I like to run polls on my course blog about a week before a test. I use these polls to gauge how my students are feeling about the course content and what we may need to spend more time studying.

Thanks to Michael Zimmer for the lead on Urtak. Check out his blog.

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