TEDxNYED – A TED Event About Tech in Education

At $6,000 a ticket or $1,000 for the live video feed, attending the TED conference is out of the reach of 99% of teachers. Fortunately, TED is now lending its name to a number of smaller and more accessible events. Dubbed TEDx these smaller events are independently organized events that use the TED model.

TEDxNYED is being held this weekend (March 6) at the Collegiate School in New York. The focus of TEDxNYED is examining the role of new media and technology in education. The list of speakers for the event includes Chris Lehmann, Dan Meyer, Lawrence Lessig, and Michael Wesch among others. All of the talks will be streamed live, for free, on Saturday March 6. You will be able to view the stream live on the TEDxNYED site.

Applications for Education
TEDxNYED is bringing together some of the leading minds in the field of teaching with technology. This should be a great opportunity to hear new ideas and perhaps pickup an idea that you want to use in your school.

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