Living Climate Change – Video Challenge

International design firm IDEO is hosting a video competition centered around the idea of living with climate change. IDEO is actually hosting two competitions, one for those under 18 and for those over 18. The under 18 contest asks students to create short video (under two minutes) depicting how they envision climate change impacting or shaping our lives over the next twenty to thirty years.

From the Living Climate Change contest website:
Looking beyond the doom and gloom and the policy discussions that have dominated the debate, how would you envision a sustainable future from a human-centered perspective? Which behaviors will change? Which will be preserved? Design your short videos or still image/text animations to inspire change, through fresh thinking, new choices, and new opportunities.

The grand prize for this contest is $3,000 USD. Entries are due by Tuesday, May 25. Read all of the contest rules and details here.

Applications for Education
Creating videos for this contest could be a good challenge to use in an environmental science class. Creating videos for this challenge will require students to analyze current information about climate change and make predictions using that data.

Click here for a list of video creation tools and resources.

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