Lifeyo – Quick and Easy Website Creation

Lifeyo is a free service for creating great-looking websites and blogs. It takes less than a minute to create your new website with Lifeyo. To get started just enter a title for your site, pick a design template, and create an account by entering your email address. All of Lifeyo’s clean, simple, and good-looking templates allow you to include a blog element within your website. Integrating a blog within the site is a great option for those people who are just getting started online and aren’t yet sure how they’re going to use their blogs or websites.

I learned about Lifeyo from Allen Stern at Center Networks. Allen recorded a video demonstration of Lifeyo with one of Lifeyo’s founders at SXSW. Watch the video below.

Applications for Education
One of the hurdles to getting teachers to build their own classroom website or blog is getting them to believe that they can create their own websites. The ease with which a Lifeyo website can be created makes it a good option for teachers who lack confidence in their “technology skills.” Likewise, Lifeyo’s ease of use makes it easy to get students creating websites to serve as online portfolios of their work.

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