Khan Academy – Educating the World via YouTube

In the debate over whether or not schools should block access to YouTube, Khan Academy is an example of the good educational content available on YouTube. Khan Academy isn’t actually a school rather it is the name of a one man non-profit organization that has created more than 800 free video lessons on mathematics, economics, SAT prep, GMAT prep, and other math and science topics. I first learned about Khan Academy last fall.

Today’s episode of CNN Student News profiles the man behind Khan Academy, Salman Khan. Khan is a graduate of MIT, a Harvard Business School graduate, and a former hedge fund manager. He gave up a potentially lucrative career to develop Khan Academy. Find out why in the video below.

Applications for Education
Khan Academy could be an excellent place to find videos to supplement your classroom lessons. If you’re a mathematics teacher looking to add useful content to your classroom blog, Khan Academy is a good place to start your search.


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