Headmagnet – Smarter Online Flashcards

Headmagnet is a free flashcard service that aims to improve the way people study with flashcards. As you study your flashcards Headmagnet tracks the flashcard items you know or don’t know. Those statistics are then used to predict how long and how often you will remember an item from a flashcard.

Headmagnet provides three ways to study your flashcards; slideshow, self test, or normal test. In the slideshow you simply click through to see questions and answers on the same page. In self test you see one side of a flashcard then the other at your own pace. In the normal test the question side of your flashcards are shown and you have to type your answer.

Below is a video overview of Headmagnet.

Applications for Education
Headmagnet allows students to create their own flashcards and share flashcards with friends. Students can also browse public galleries of flashcards.

Headmagnet’s progress tracking could help students focus their studying time for maximum information rentention.

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