Memonic – Capture and Organize Your Web Findings

Memonic is a relatively new tool for curating collections of information from the web. Memonic’s key function is to give users the power to clip sections of websites and build them into a personal collection. Along with the clipping of information, users can add commentary to each item they place into their personal accounts. For example, if I clipped a paragraph from iLearnTechnology I could also add some notes for myself about that paragraph.

There are a couple of ways to add content to the folders within a Memonic account. The easiest way add content to a Memonic account is to use the Memonic bookmarklet for Firefox. After the bookmarklet is installed, users can click it at anytime while they’re browsing the web to add content to their Memonic folders. Alternatively, users can add content by typing the url of a desired page into the Memonic “web clipper” that is present within every Memonic user’s account page. Either way the following directions show you what do after arriving at a website from which you want to cull information.

Here is a video overview of the Memonic concept.

Applications for Education
Memonic could be a good resource for helping students organize the findings of their web research. The ability to add commentary along with the url could help students remember why they clipped something.

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