The Museum of Animal Perspectives – Videos

The Museum of Animal Perspectives is a neat mash-up of Google Maps and videos. The Museum of Animal Perspectives displays videos of animals in their (mostly) natural states. The videos are geolocated on a Google Map according to where they are typically found in the world. Most of the videos are from YouTube, but some are also available in QuickTime format. Below is a video of a lobster burrow that I found by clicking on a placemark on the New England region of the Google Map.

I learned about the Museum of Animal Perspectives from Google Maps Mania which is a great source of information about Google Maps.

Applications for Education
The Museum of Animal Perspectives could be a handy resource for elementary school and middle school science teachers who would like to provide their students with videos, in geographic context, of animals their students are learning about. The Museum of Animal Perspectives is also a good model of using Google Maps to document research. You could have your students create their own Google Maps animal maps using the model of placing placemarks on the map where the animals can be found in nature. Your students placemarks can include videos, but they could also include images and text documentation.

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