Easier Copy & Paste With Google Docs Clipboard

Copy and pasting content within Google Docs just got easier and better. Yesterday, Google announced the launch of new clipboard feature for Google Docs. The clipboard allows you to copy content from a spreadsheet to a document or presentation. Likewise, you can copy from a document and paste to a presentation or a spreadsheet cell. Probably the most important element of the Google Docs clipboard is that you can save multiple selections to your clipboard and access them at any time from any internet-connected computer.



Applications for Education
The new Google Docs clipboard option could be useful for when they’re editing the sequence of an outline or essay. They can copy many elements to their clipboards and paste them onto a blank canvas in the order they want. The clipboard could also be useful in organizing presentations. If your students are struggling with putting too much text on each of their slides they can easily cut out some text, save it to the clipboard, then paste it onto a new slide.


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