New From Common Craft! Protecting Reputations Online

Common Craft has just released another awesome In Plain English video. This new video, Protecting Reputations Online, is must viewing for students. As with all Common Craft videos, Protecting Reputations Online does a great job of clearly explaining concepts in easy-to-understand terms. Protecting Reputations Online explains the risks of posting inappropriate pictures, videos, or messages about yourself online. The video also tells you what action to take if you do find something you don’t like about yourself online. You can watch the video on the Common Craft website.

Applications for Education
This video should be required viewing for all students. In my school I’d love to see our tech department require students to watch this video as a condition of receiving their netbook at the beginning of the year.

This Common Craft video as well as some of their other recent productions are not available anywhere but on the Common Craft site. Therefore, if you’re going to use this school-wide the proper thing to do is to download the video after paying for the appropriate license. Common Craft videos are one of the very few fee-based digital items that I endorse. (As clarification: Common Craft doesn’t pay me to say that nor do I have any financial affiliation with Common Craft).

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