Google Earth Across the Curriculum

Many teachers hear “Google Earth” and think it’s only something that social studies teachers can use. But, in fact Google Earth can be used across the curriculum. I put together this quick-start guide to introduce teachers to the basics of using Google Earth across the curriculum. This is part of a much larger document that I am developing.

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Update: The first time I uploaded to DocStoc it got marked as Copyright and was blocking downloads. I’ve fixed that problem. It should be okay to download now. My mistake, I apologize for any frustration I may have caused.
For easy download of Google Earth Across the Curriculum try the DocStoc version.

Google Earth Across the Curriculum

Update #2: I’ve had a couple of people ask and I’m sure that more people will want to know too if they can embed the document into their school and personal blogs/ websites/ wikis. Yes, go ahead and do that. All I ask is that you don’t strip my name or any of my links from the document.


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