Collaborate on Translations in Translator Toolkit

The Google Translator Toolkit is a nice platform for quickly translating large chunks of text or entire webpages. You can use it by copying and pasting text you’ve written or you can paste a url and translate an entire webpage. The automatic translations are not perfect so the Translator Toolkit allows you to edit the translation. When you’re translating, you will see the original document and the translated document side by side. Today, Google announced that you can now chat with collaborators while you’re working on translations. The chat function in the Translator Toolkit works just like that the chat function in Gmail.
To learn more about the Google Translator Toolkit, watch the video below.

Applications for Education
The Google Translator Toolkit could be used by foreign language students to work together on the translation of documents. Teachers could develop practice activities using the Toolkit in which they post documents with translation errors and ask students to identify and correct the errors.

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