Carrot Sticks – A Fun Math Game for K-6 Students

Carrot Sticks is a fun mathematics game environment for K-6 students. Carrot Sticks challenges students to develop their basic addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division skills. Carrot Sticks can be played individually or in a head to head format with another player. In the individual mode students earn “carrot sticks” for every correct answer. If they earn enough carrot sticks and the students will receive a virtual trophy. In the head to head mode, carrot sticks are earned by enter the correct answer faster than the other player. It should be noted that only the addition game is free.

Applications for Education
Carrot Sticks is a safe environment in which students can have fun competing and learning. In the head to head mode students only see the other player’s avatar and points. There is not a chat function or any other means of communication. Carrot Sticks can be played without creating an account, but there is an option for creating an account. If you choose to have your students create accounts they will be able to track their progress.

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