Lessons About Lions

This afternoon I spent some time browsing through films on Snag Films and came across this classic from National Geographic. Lions of the African Night is an hour-long documentary about lions. As I seem to always be thinking about how things I find on the web can be used in the classroom, I did a quick search for more National Geographic resources about lions. What I found appears in the links below the video.

African Lion Facts
National Geographic Kids – Lions Video and Sounds
Lions Lesson – Quiz
Lion Population Decline Map

CBS 60 Minutes ran a segment in March 2009 about the poisoning of lions in Africa. That video is embedded below.
Watch CBS News Videos Online

If you’re interested in a good book about Kenya’s wildlife in a modern context, I’m currently reading and enjoying The Shadow of Kilimanjaro.

A related resource that you may want to explore is Wild Earth TV.


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