FlockDraw – Simple, Collaborative Drawing

FlockDraw is a new, simple, service that allows people to quickly and easily collaborate on the creation of a drawing. To use FlockDraw simply visit the site, click the “start drawing” button, and start drawing. To invite other people to draw with you, just send them the url assigned to your drawing board. What’s really neat is that anyone who visits the url after the drawing has started will see all of the drawing motions they missed unfold in front of them. In the future you will be able to embed your drawing board into your blog or website. To test FlockDraw, you’re welcome to play with the drawing I started here.

Read Write Web, where I originally saw FlockDraw, has more information you may want to read.

Applications for Education
FlockDraw could be a simple way for students to create quickly create a mind map together. It could also be used by students to sketch diagrams and other drawings for use in slide presentations.


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