Ten Trends to Affect Teaching in the Future (and now)

Rodd Lucier has a great post titled Classrooms of Tomorrow on his blog right now. In that post he talks about a professional development workshop he recently facilitated for Regina Mundi College. There are two aspects of Rodd’s post that I enjoyed. First, I enjoyed reading what I would call the “guiding questions” of the session. The questions became the focus of the participant’s task to create a “classroom of the future.” From reading his post I can tell that it was the kind of workshop that I would have wanted to be a participant in. I encourage you to visit Rodd’s post and read the questions and subsequent activities for yourself.

The second aspect of Rodd Lucier’s Classrooms of Tomorrow post that I like is his slideshow about ten trends to affect teaching and learning in the future. As you go through the slideshow you’ll notice that some of these trends are already affecting teaching and learning.

Applications for Education
If you read through Rodd Lucier’s Classrooms of Tomorrow post you will find a good model of teaching that can be applied to K-12 classrooms, higher ed classrooms, and professional development workshops.


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