Memoov Looks Promising for Digital Storytelling

Memoov is a free service for creating animated videos. Without downloading any software or having any special skills, Memoov allows users to create animated videos up to five minutes in length. Creating an animated video with Memoov can be as simple as selecting a setting image(s), selecting a character or characters, and adding dialogue.

Memoov offers users a wide variety options that make it stand out amongst similar services. Memoov allows users to customize the appearance of the characters in their animated videos. On the dialogue front, Memoov gives users the option to record their own voices for use in their videos. Users can also upload pre-recorded dialogue in MP3 format. Memoov users have the option to add background music to their animated videos.

Select a setting.

Select and customize your characters.

Add dialogue via text or audio recording.

Applications for Education
Although in my initial testing there were a couple of bugs, Memoov could become an excellent way for students to create short animated stories. Memoov’s option for recording their voices will enable students to add truly personalized elements to their animated videos.


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