A Fun Physical Education and Video Activity

The International Olympic Committee in partnership with YouTube has launched a new site called The Best of Us Challenge. The Best of Us Challenge is designed to give average people a chance to test their unique athletic abilities against those of real Olympians. Through The Best of Us Challenge, participants “compete” against Olympians in unique physical challenges such as spinning an umbrella or balancing a stick your foot. To enter, select a challenge, create a short video of yourself completing the challenge, then upload the video to the YouTube The Best of Us Challege page. Winners of the contest can win t-shirts, video games, posters, and possibly a trip to the 2010 Winter Olympics. The contest is open to participants age 13 and older (under 18 needs parental consent). Read all of the contest details here.

The video below is Asafa Powell’s challenge to balance a stick on your foot.

Thanks to Mashable for the information about this fun challenge.

Applications for Education
The Best of Us Challenge provides a fun opportunity to get kids excited about physical education challenges while also providing an opportunity to integrate a technology component into a physical education class. The Best of Us Challenge also provides an opportunity for students who may not fit into the typical “athlete” mold to show-off their unique skills.


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