CubeTree – Interesting Option for Learning Communities

CubeTree is a free service designed for companies that would like to build a social network of wikis, shared items, and microblogs for their employees. Although the service is designed with business use in mind, I can see some applications for it in a continuing education environment.

On CubeTree anyone can create a network and invite colleagues. All colleagues must have the same email domain. For example, if I wanted to create a network, only people with an domain could be in my network. Everyone in the network can create a profile (Facebook-like), post updates, share documents, collaborate on documents and spreadsheets, and share items from their RSS feeds. The video below offers a good overview of everything CubeTree offers.

Feature Tour from Carlin Wiegner on Vimeo.

Applications for Education
CubeTree’s terms of service require users to be at least 18. When I was thinking about CubeTree in an education setting I saw it as a possibility for use with adult learners to create a learning community. I can see CubeTree being used in an online setting or a blended (online and face to face) setting for students and teachers to get to know each other, share information that they discover, and collaborate on the creation of a wiki.


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