Faroo – Real Time News, Real Time Search

As I’ve written a few times, real-time search engines are a great way to find the latest developments in a news story. Real-time search engines are also great for finding trending topics in a niche area. For example, I use real-time search engines to discover trending topics in educational technology.

is a new real-time search that offers a couple of options not found in other real-time search engines. Faroo allows you to sort your search results by current popularity or sort your results in a timeline format. Faroo also gives you the option to preview a link’s content by hovering your cursor on the link without actually clicking the link. Finally, if you’re following a topic, you can subscribe to the RSS feed for your search and be notified of new results as they appear.

Applications for Education
Real-time search engines are great resources to have when a story is breaking. These resources could be put to use by students in a current events course or in a journalism course. When I taught a current events course one of my favorite things to do was to have students analyze the reporting of one story from multiple sources. Real-time search brings in not only the stories from the major news outlets, but also brings in the “person on the street” perspective from social networks like Twitter and FriendFeed.

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