COOL – Free Open Course Materials from McGill

McGill University offers the content of many of their courses for free online. McGill calls their online course content site COOL. COOL offers course materials dating back to the fall 2005 semester through the fall 2009 semester. The bulk of the course offerings are in the sciences.

The COOL course materials include video and audio lecture files as well as slides and other reading materials. COOL offers the video files in variety of formats including MP3, WMV, and MP4. You can also subscribe to courses via iTunes.

Applications for Education
The free access to college course materials made possible by universities like McGill and many others, provide high school students with an opportunity to get a taste of what a college course is like while still in high school. Sampling college courses for free could help students get an idea of what they may want to study in college. The free course offerings can also provide high school teachers with supplemental materials for their classroom instruction.

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