Vuvox – Create Multimedia Panoramic Slideshows

Vuvox is a multifaceted multimedia collage and slideshow creation tool. There are so many great tools including in Vuvox that it is tough to choose a feature with to start this review. The basic idea of Vuvox is to allow anyone to create a multimedia panoramic collage. At its most basic level you can use Vuvox to stitch together your photographs into a panorama. Vuvox offers great tools that you can use to edit your images so that they match up perfectly. You can also use the Vuvox editing tools to crop out sections of an image for re-use later in your collage or for use in a separate collage. You can upload images from your computer to Vuvox or import images from your Flickr, SmugMug, or Picasa account.

The multimedia aspect of Vuvox allows you to include video in your collage. You can insert the video into any place on your Vuvox collage. In the sample I created and embedded below you will find a video inserted toward the end of the slideshow. Arranging image and video elements in a Vuvox slideshow is a simple matter of drag and dropping them into the sequence you desire.

There are three free versions of Vuvox. Vuvox Express offers the fastest way to create, but has the fewest options. Vuvox Studio is the most advanced option offering broadest selection of editing tools. Vuvox Collage is the middle ground between Express and Studio.

Applications for Education
Vuvox could be an excellent tool for students to use to create multimedia presentations. Students could use Vuvox to create a documentary-style slideshow that includes images and video. I’m planning to do some more work with Vuvox and will probably have my US History students using it this fall.

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