Three Tools for Opening Documents

If you’ve ever had a student or colleague send you a document that you couldn’t open because you did have the right software installed on your computer, these tools are for you.

View Docs Online is the simplest way to open a document. Simply upload a document and View Docs Online will open it and display it for you. Even if you can’t open the document on your local computer, you can open it on View Docs Online.

TextMaker Viewer is a free program for Windows users. TextMaker Viewer allows you to open, view, and print most document file formats. Although you can open the files, you cannot edit all documents opened using TextMaker Viewer.

Universal Viewer is another free program for Windows users. Universal Viewer allows you to view documents as well as various image formats.

Applications for Education
While it’s preferable to have students use Google Docs or Zoho Writer to create documents, sometimes they may send an attachment that can’t be opened on school computers. These tools could be helpful in those situations.


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