Twelve Essentials for Technology Integration

My school is going to a 1:1 environment with netbooks next year. I’m one of the people that teachers will be coming to for help when the netbooks are distributed next. Therefore, I’ve been trying to compile a small list of essential resources that can be used across the curriculum. The product of that work is this guide titled Twelve Essentials for Techology Integration. This guide will serve as a getting start for teachers and the basis for some informal trainings that I’ll be offering to staff. I gave a hint about this yesterday on Twitter when I asked “if you could choose just three web-based resources to use in your classroom, what would they be?”
The guide is embedded below.

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It is by no means comprehensive, but it is a good starting place for those teachers who need advice on taking their first steps toward integrating technology into their classrooms. I welcome any and all feedback. If you like it and know a teacher or teachers who would benefit from it, please feel free to print it and distribute it.


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