This Moment – Collages of Important Moments

I have a colleague that starts his school year by having his special education students create digital stories about the most important moments in their lives. His purpose is to introduce students to the concepts of story organization. Last year he had students copy and paste images from their Facebook and Myspace profiles to use in their stories. This fall he’ll be able to use This Moment to have students build their stories.

This Moment allows users to create a digital collage of an important moment or moments in their lives. Using this moment you can use images and videos from your Facebook, Flickr, Picassa, and YouTube accounts to create your This Moment collage. This Moment also incorporates Google Maps so you can link to the location of where an event took place. Was there a story in the news about your chosen event? If so, you can include links to those news stories. When your collage is complete you can share it on a number of social networking services or embed it in your blog or website. You can see a sample that I made here.

Applications for Education
This Moment could be used by students to create digital collages of important moments in their lives. If your class goes on a field trip you could have students create This Moment collages of the trip. This Moment could also be used to create digital collage of current news stories.

I plan to use This Moment to share some of the sights and sounds of my trip to Washington, DC for NECC 2009.

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