Obsurvey – Create Custom Surveys

Surveys, particularly anonymous surveys, can be good tools for getting feedback from a class. Whether the feedback is about a particular lesson or about an entire course, surveys give every student an equal chance to share their thoughts.

Obsurvey is a free survey tool that I just learned about this week. Obsurvey gives you the flexibility to create multiple choice surveys or open-ended surveys. Setting up a survey with Obsurvey is an easy process. To set up a survey simply select your question format and then edit the questions and answer choices using the text editor. The video below walks you through the process.

Applications for Education
I built an end-of-the-year survey today for one of my classes. I find giving surveys at the end of the year to be a great way to collect anonymous feedback from my students. I use this feedback to reflect on what went well during the year and what I need to work on for next year. I think students are more likely to give their most honest feedback on an anonymous survey online
rather than on a paper survey.

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