Look Here for a New Job in Education

Be it your first job out of college or a job change, eventually most people will have to look through job postings. You can try searching the general job posting websites like Monster, but those sites are often cluttered with jobs in the “education” category that aren’t really the kind of teaching job for which you’re looking. K12 JobSpot might be a better place to look for your next job in education. K12 JobSpot lists job postings from thirty-three states. On K12 JobSpot you can search for jobs by job title, by location, or by a combination of both.

K12 JobSpot is not the only website dedicated to education job postings. If you’re state/ province/ county has a website dedicated to education job postings please leave a comment and I’ll add it to the list.

In Maine you can find education job postings on Serving Schools.
In Montana you can find education job postings through METNET.

If you’re considering moving and taking an education job in a new state in the US you should check out Certification Map for state-by-state certification requirements.


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