Fotopedia – Collaborative Photo Encyclopedia

Fotopedia is a new service that matches photos to Wikipedia articles. The matching aspect is similar to that of Visual Wikipedia and Navify. What makes Fotopedia different is all of the images are contributed by the community of users and matched to articles by users of Fotopedia. To contribute to Fotopedia you have to register, but to just browse the images and articles doesn’t require registration.

Browsing through Fotopedia this afternoon I realized one clear advantage of Fotopedia over Navify is the quantity and quality of images. For every topic I clicked on there was at least a half dozen very good images matching a Wikipedia article.

Applications for Education
Fotopedia could be a good place to find visual aids to complement your classroom instruction. Fotopedia has a mix of Creative Commons images and copyrighted images so if you’re looking for images for publication, make sure you check the licensing.

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