eMathematics – Interactive Mathematics Exercises

eMathematics.net looks like it could be a very good online learning resource for mathematics students and teachers. On eMathematics students can learn and practice mathematics skills. Students can create an account to keep a record of the exercise they successfully completed.

Teachers can create eMathematics accounts for their students. By creating an account teachers can use eMathematics to monitor their students’ progress to identify their students’ strengths and weaknesses. Teachers can also use eMathematics to communicate with students through email.

eMathematics offers lessons and practice excercises for pre-Algebra, Algebra, Geometry, and Trigonmetry.

Applications for Education
eMathematics looks like a good resource for students to get supplemental mathematics instruction online. As summer approaches (in the northern hemisphere) and students leave school for two months, eMathematics may be a good resource for students to use to keep their mathematics skills sharp.

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