Three Good Resources for ESL/ ELL Teachers

I’ve recently come across three good resources for ESL/ ELL teachers. Between these three resources there is something for every stage of learning and for every student age group. These resources include videos, online learning activities, and worksheets.

ESL Basics is a site that I learned about through an email from its creator Andrea Michael. ESL Basics provides short video vocabulary lessons for beginning and advanced ESL students. For teachers, ESL Basics has a small collection of suggestions and ideas for teaching ESL. ESL Basics is a new site and is adding new content on a regular basis.

English for Everyone is a great site for finding ESL activity worksheets and online activities. English for Everyone uses a 1-10 rating scale for all activities and worksheets. Activities rated 1 are for beginning ESL students and activities with a 10 rating are for advanced students. Most of the activities seem to be geared toward an audience of students under age 13.

Kindersay is a site that Kevin Jarrett gave very high praise to in a blog post that he published yesterday. Kindersay is designed for use by pre-K students. The user interface is easy to navigate using clear, kid-friendly icons. There are more than 500 activities that students can use. And as Kevin pointed out in his blog post, there is not any advertising on Kindersay.

Here are some related resources that may be of interest to you:
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