TED Talks in 40 Languages

TED, the host of inspiring, engaging, and educational talks has released phase one of an ambitious project that aims to translate all of the talks into 40 languages. This first phase of the project provides English subtitles for every talk. The first phase has 300 talks translated into 40 languages. You can now search for videos by subtitled language. To see the subtitle options on any video simply click the drop down “subtitle” menu just below the play button on each video. Try it now on this Seth Godin video about leadership.

To read all of the details about the new subtitle options and how the subtitling is being done, please visit the TED Open Translation Project.

Applications for Education
My first thought when I read about the TED Open Translation Program was that TED Talks are now available to my hearing impaired student. My second thought was that these videos can now be used in an ESL/ ELL environment.

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