Search Cloud – Search Popular Sites With One Click

Search Cloud is a new search engine concept that allows you to search some of the most popular sites on the web with one click. Search Cloud searches popular reference and news websites for content relevant to your search terms.

Here’s how it works; let’s say I frequently visit CNN, The New York Times, and NPR for the news related stories. Rather than visit each site directly, use the site’s search box, and then scroll through the search results, I can get the search results through Search Cloud. To use Search Cloud simply enter a search term then click on the website you want it to search for you.

Search Cloud does allow you to select which sites appear in the search cloud, but the options are fairly limited right now as the service is still in beta. Hopefully, they add more options in the near future.

Applications for Education
Search Cloud could be a convenient search tool for finding current and relevant news without having to visit and search each site individually. This may be a good way for students to do a quick comparison of how the same news story is reported by different news outlets.


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