Resources for Learning About the Khmer Rouge

A colleague of mine that teaches a course called “Holocaust and Human Behavior” asked me if I had any materials for teaching about Pol Pot and the Khmer Rouge. As I once taught the same course, it was logical to ask me, but I didn’t have anything readily available. So I went looking for a few things to share with him and I figured that some of you might appreciate the links too. Here are a few of the things that I found.

FRONTLINE World has a twenty-five minute video in which Amanda Pike interviews survivors of the Cambodian Genocide. Ms. Pike visits former prisons and execution sites throughout the video. It is a powerful (and sometimes graphic) documentary. Prior to watching the video you may want to have students review some of the background information provided by FRONTLINE World.

Outreach World has published a very detailed lesson plan designed for use in a high school setting. The focus of the lesson plan is to have students evaluate the social, economic, and political effects of the Khmer Rouge in Cambodia. The lesson plan calls for about six hours of classroom time.

Reuters recently released a short news video about Cambodians gathering to remember the victims of Pol Pot’s regime. The video is embedded below.


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