My Dinos – Fun, Safe Gaming Environment for Kids

My Dinos is a fun, safe gaming environment for kids under ten years old. As the name implies, My Dinos has a dinosaur theme. Kids play the game as a dinosaur that for which they choose a name. (When I tried the game I named my dinosaur “Meatball.”) After selecting a name kids then choose a “Dynamal” which is essentially a baby dinosaur for which they are responsible. Throughout the game kids go on quests through time. Players can go on these quests through time on their own or form a team with other players to go on the quest. On these quests players earn shells which they can use to purchase things for their caves and for their next quest.

Applications for Education
Besides safe online fun, the purpose of My Dinos is to provide a safe environment where kids can learn online collaboration skills. Every elementary school report card I’ve seen has some element regarding “plays well with others.” As kids grow up online it’s important that they can play well with others offline and online. My Dinos provides a place for young students to learn to play well with others online.

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