Kido’z – A Kid-Safe Browser

Kido’z is a kid-safe web browser. Kido’z gives parents the power to select the websites that their children can view. After installing Kido’z, parents set an administrative password and begin specifying the websites that their children see. Unlike some browsers and filters that try to be kid-friendly, Kido’z blocks all links that appear inside the parent-approved websites. If parents are looking for new web content that their children can safely enjoy, Kido’z will offer suggestions based on the age, gender, and native language of the child.

The user interface of Kido’z is designed to be used by children as young as three. Children can navigate Kido’z using kid-friendly icons. Kido’z tries to make content easy to find by dividing it into three categories games, videos, and websites.

If you would like to learn about the technology and design behind Kido’z, TechCrunch has a post about it.

Applications for Education
Kido’z could be a good browser for pre-K through second grade students. Parents, teachers, and child care providers should give Kido’z a try.

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