Cobocards Create Flashcards to Use Online or Offline

Cobocards is the newest entry into the online flashcard market. Cobocards, like other flashcard services, allows you to create customized sets of flashcards. One of the key differences between Cobocards and other flashcard services is that Cobocards provides you with pdf copies of your flashcards that you can print to study offline. Of course, you can study also study your flashcards online. If you study your flashcards online, Cobocards will keep track of your results for you. If you would like to share your flashcards with a private group, like the students in your classroom, Cobocards allows you to do that too. Another of Cobocards’ better features is a comprehensive set of video tutorials explaining all of the options and features that you can utilize.

The screenshot below shows the flashcard printing options offered by Cobocards.

Applications for Education
Cobocards offers students and teachers the best of both worlds, an option for studying online and an option for studying offline. If you have students that don’t have Internet access at home, creating Cobocards flashcards at school and the printing them to take home is an excellent alternative to online studying.

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