Cable in the Classroom’s “Must Read” Blogs

Cable in the Classroom is a good magazine for educators interested in the use of media and technology as instructional tools. If you have never read it, I encourage to spend a few minutes reading and article or two. You can access all of the articles from this month’s issue online.

In this month’s issues there is an article titled Bookmark This! Who’s On The Leading Edge of Ed-Tech Blogging?(the link is to a pdf file) In the article a panel of experts including Lee Kolbert, Scott McLeod, and Vicky Davis shared their must-read ed-tech blogs. Lee was kind enough to include Free Technology for Teachers in her list. Thank you Lee.

If you’re looking for more ed-tech blogs and websites make sure you check out Larry Ferlazzo’s latest list of places to find new educational websites. (By the way, Larry’s blog should be in every list of must-read ed-tech blogs).

If you’re looking for some other ed-tech bloggers to connect with, please see my list 10 Teachers to Follow On Twitter or take a look at any of the “@names” listed on my popular blog entries 5 Interesting and Educational Twitter Finds. And after connecting with the people on those lists you may want to try some of the tips offered in Seven Ways to Find Teachers on Twitter.


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