American History Review Videos

When I go offline for 48 hours like I did this past weekend, I usually return to about 2000 new items in my RSS reader. Sorting through those feeds can be time-consuming and I’m sure that I don’t see everything so for something to grab my attention it has to be good. American History in Seven Minutes posted on the US History Teachers Blog is one of the items that really grabbed my attention. Unfortunately, the video was removed from YouTube today for terms of use violations. Here are some other videos that could be used for reviewing US History.
A People’s History of the United States
History of the United States in Two Minutes
1492-2009 in 8 Minutes

Applications for Education
Rather than just watching videos, a better review would be to have students create their own review videos. Students could do this using any number of tools. Two that come to mind right away are Animoto and Remix America.

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