Write Like an Egyptian – Penn Museum Online

Write Like an Egyptian is a part of the online exhibits for kids created by the University of Pennsylvania’s Museum of Archeology and Anthropology. Write Like an Egyptian lets students type their names into a box to see what their names would like in Egyptian hieroglyphics. Students can also send Egyptian e-postcards through the museum’s website. The rest of the online exhibit provides images from the museum’s physical exhibition accompanied by short chunks of information about Pharaohs, Pyramids, and Egyptian artifacts.

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Applications for Education
Write Like an Egyptian could be a useful addition to an elementary school history lesson. Based on my conversations with elementary school teachers in my district, learning to write their names in hieroglyphics is the kind of thing that elementary school students seem to enjoy showing off to their parents and friends. Students may also enjoy sending home an Egyptian e-postcard to their parents or grandparents.

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