VodSpot – Create Your Own Video Website

Update: VodSpot has been rebranded as Lockerz and is not longer a video sharing site.

I just created my own video website using VodPod’s free VodSpot service. VodPod is a free service that allows you to build, host, and share a collection of the videos you find on the Internet. VodPod accepts videos from a wide range of sources including TeacherTube and most of the major news websites. Your VodPod account allows you to share videos through widgets and email. Anyone can view VodPod’s public videos and viewing the VodPod site shows your video along with related videos collected by other users.

VodSpot is a free service provided by VodPod that allows you to create your own video website comprised of only the videos that you select. You can see an example that I created here. VodSpot offers five customizable templates for your video website. Adding videos to your collection can be done by copying and pasting embed codes or by using the VodPod browser bookmarklet.

Applications for EducationVodSpot could be a great way to create your own video website containing only the videos that pertain to your class. VodSpot accepts videos from such a wide range of sources so even if your school blocks YouTube you can still create a great resource for your students.

Initially setting up your VodSpot website can be a little confusing because of the user interface within your account. My best advice is to look to the right hand column to check to see if you are working in VodPod or VodSpot.


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