Three Good WWI Resources from the BBC

Once again through my students’ online research I’ve learned about some resources that can be used in the classroom. Recently while they were researching topics on WWI, one of my students showed me that the BBC has good virtual tours, animations, and movie clips about WWI.

What caught my students’ attention was the BBC’s virtual tour of a World War I trench. From there they watched some short films about WWI. There are six films that show students artifacts and images of a British soldier’s life during WWI. The films are sequenced beginning with recruitment continuing on to life in the trenches and ending with information about injuries and shell shock. The BBC also offers an animation of army movements from 1914 through 1918.

On a related note, last week one of my classes began to make videos about US involvement in WWI. They are using ReMix America to make the videos.

Applications for Education
These three resources about WWI are best suited toward use in a high school setting.
In order to get the full benefit of these resources, students should have some background knowledge about the topics in the virtual tour, films, and animations.

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