Resources for Learning About the Titanic

Today is the 97th anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic. I was reminded of this by an article that the BBC ran today. This article profiles the last Titanic survivor who was rescued from the ship when she was nine weeks old. The BBC has a number of other resources related to the Titanic including a video journey of Titanic exploration.

The Discovery Channel has a great Titanic virtual field trip called On Board the Titanic. Here is the review of the website that I wrote in March.

National Geographic XPeditions has a Titanic lesson plan designed for middle school use. The lesson plan includes the use of 3D animations of the Titanic as well as a study of ocean currents.

Snag Films hosts the National Geographic film Secrets of the Titanic. You can watch the full 53 minute film on Snag Films or snag it and embed into your website.


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